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12 Cores MM 50/125 um, XG(10GB)OM3 Outdoor Armored Cable

Part number : 3-1427434-3


AMP OSP (Outside plant) cables are designed for campas-type environments, Ducted or Directed burial underground service for long runs between buildings, AMP cables are tested to the TIA requirements for current and proposed applications such as 100BASE-F, 155/622 Mbps, ATM, AMP NETCONNECT distribution cables has been designed to meet or exceed the requirements of 10Gigabit while still suppoting legacy LED and VCSEL The system fufills the specifications of IEEE 802.3z, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.3ae, 10Gigabit Ethernet. The cables are available with either singlemode, 62.5-micron Extended Grade or 50-micron and 50/125 Laser Optimized (XG)

Specification:. The Optical fiber cable shall contain 4, 6, 8, 12 for fibers in a central PBT Loose Tube surrounded by water-blocking gel, (Thixotropic Gel) and water blocking glass yarns are placed around the perimeter of the loose tube provide mechanical strength to the cable, and then a corrugated steel tape (with copolymer coating on both sides) is then longitudinaly applied as armored. TIA/EIA 598 color coded fibers for easy identified, Outer jacket 1.9mm thickness, HDPE Polyethylene jacket for UV/harsh outdoor environment protection. The cable jacket .

Price : 143.75 Baht

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