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19" Wall Rack 12U Outdoor Cabinet (40cm) Stainless Steel

Part number : B1-WM12U-OUT4ST

Brand : BISMON

19" Wall Rack 12U Outdoor Cabinet (D:40cm) Made from Stainless Steel. Can support ODF and optical distribution frame, FTTH services to the customers request. The high quality protection weather-proof outdoor cabinet rack style. can compliant with IP55, IP65 standard.

- Special material stainless steel - 19 inch mounting rails - 12U High for equipment - CNC Foam Gasket sealing protect from outside waterproof - Compliant IP55, IP65 - Free mounting brackets arm for wall, hang on, on the lamp post - Cable management fix point in side entry of cable - All screw, nut, key made of stainless steel - Support FAN 4inch max:4 pcs. two point (Top and Down)

Price : 0.00 Baht

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