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AC Power Surge protection Device Terminal Connector

Part number : SP001P-AC220

Brand : BISMON

-Performs a different function than grounding requirements. -Providing protection against lightning stroke for AC power loops. -Protects equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes. Providing protection for equipments or instruments with power consumption below 10Amp. -Terminal connector to terminal connector. -Application for protect AC220-240V.

-Norminal peak voltage : wire >300V. Wire-grounding:>300V -Surge current capacity : 6000A (8x20us) -Surge voltage capacity : 6000V (1.2us x 50 us) -Max. Load current : 4A (max.) -Temperature : Operation: 0 to 55 C. Storage: -20 to 85 C, Humidity : Up to 95% -Material : Metal Black -Dimension (mm) : 67x87x28.5 -Weight (g) : 140

Price : 1,800.00 Baht

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