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12 Core Fiber optic Outdoor armoured SM 9/125um

Part number : BMAT12SM9

Brand : BISMON

12 Core Fiber optic Outdoor armoured Single-Mode 9/125um(G.652.D), Central tube cable. HDPE Jacket, Outdoor Loose Tube Armored cable has rugged corrugated steel armor which provides extra crush-resistance and rodent protection. small and easy for laying installation fiber optic cable. Its installation only needs to cut a narrow trench in the roadway, bury the cable in the trench, fill the trench and recover the roadway surface. Suitable for lashed aerial, duct, underground conduit environments. Approved : TISI 2165-2548

- 12 Core Fiber optic cable - Single-mode 9/125um (G.652.D) - Central loose Tube cable - Rugged Corrugated Steel Armor Provides Extra Crush-Resistance and Rodent Protection - E-Glass Yarn Strength member - Ripcord material :Aramid yarn - Water blocking Tape - Loose tube Filling compound Thyrotrophic jelly - HDPE Jacket

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