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CISCO CBS110-16PP-EU Unmanaged 16-port GE, Partial PoE
Price: 7,000.00
Part Number : CBS110-16PP-EU
CISCO CBS220-48T-4G-EU Smart 48-port GE, 4x1G SFP
Price: 14,350.00
Part Number : CBS220-48T-4G-EU
CISCO CBS250-24P-4G-EU Smart 24-port GE, PoE, 4x1G SFP
Price: 15,700.00
Part Number : CBS250-24P-4G-EU
CISCO CBS350-16FP-2G-EU Managed 16-port GE, Full PoE, 2x1G SFP
Price: 24,200.00
Part Number : CBS350-16FP-2G-EU
CISCO CBS350-16T-2G-EU Managed 16-port GE, 2x1G SFP
Price: 11,650.00
Part Number : CBS350-16T-2G-EU
CISCO CBS350-24P-4X-EU Managed 24-port GE, PoE, 4x10G SFP+
Price: 32,750.00
Part Number : CBS350-24P-4X-EU
CISCO CBS350-24S-4G-EU Managed 24-port SFP, 4x1G SFP
Price: 26,380.00
Part Number : CBS350-24S-4G-EU
CISCO CBS350-24XS-EU Managed 24-port SFP+, 4x10GE Shared
Price: 77,750.00
Part Number : CBS350-24XS-EU
CISCO CBS350-24XT-EU Managed 24-port 10GE, 4x10G SFP+ Shared
Price: 99,980.00
Part Number : CBS350-24XT-EU
CISCO CBS350-8FP-2G-EU Managed 8-port GE, Full PoE, 2x1G Combo
Price: 13,500.00
Part Number : CBS350-8FP-2G-EU
CISCO CBS350-8S-E-2G-EU Managed 8-port SFP, Ext PS, 2x1G Combo
Price: 12,300.00
Part Number : CBS350-8S-E-2G-EU
CISCO CBS350-8T-E-2G-EU Managed 8-port GE, Ext PS, 2x1G Combo
Price: 7,500.00
Part Number : CBS350-8T-E-2G-EU
CISCO CBS350-8XT-EU Managed 8-port 10GE, 2x10G SFP+ Shared
Price: 43,882.35
Part Number : CBS350-8XT-EU

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