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Aruba 2930M 48G with 1-slot Switch
Price: 172,549.41
Part Number : NW_JL321A
Aruba 2930M 24G PoE+ with 1-slot Switch
Price: 109,803.53
Part Number : NW_JL320A
Aruba 2930M 24G 1-slot Switch
Price: 100,915.29
Part Number : NW_JL319A
Aruba 2930F 48GPoE+ 4SFP 740W Switch
Price: 0.00
Part Number : NW_JL557A
Aruba 2930F 48GPoE+ 4SFP+ 740W Switch
Price: 0.00
Part Number : NW_JL558A
Aruba 2930F 12G PoE+ Switch
Price: 0.00
Part Number : NW_JL693A
Aruba 2930 24G PoE+4SFP Swch
Price: 77,777.65
Part Number : NW_JL261A
Arubu 2930F 48G PoE+4SFP Switch
Price: 136,078.82
Part Number : NW_JL262A
Arubu 2930F 48G 4SFP Switch
Price: 102,091.76
Part Number : NW_JL260A
Arubu 2930F 8G PoE+2SFP+Swch
Price: 45,751.76
Part Number : NW_JL258A
Arubu 2930F 24G+4SFP+Swch
Price: 58,301.18
Part Number : NW_JL259A
Aruba 2930F 24G 4SFP+ Swch
Price: 92,417.65
Part Number : NW_JL253A
Arubu 2930F 48G 4SFP+Swch
Price: 136,078.82
Part Number : NW_JL254A
Arubu 2930F 24G PoE+4SFP+Swch
Price: 111,764.71
Part Number : NW_JL255A
Arubu 2930F 48G PoE+4SFP+Swch
Price: 170,065.88
Part Number : NW_JL256A
Aruba 2930M 48G PoE+ 1-slot Switch
Price: 201,829.41
Part Number : NW_JL322A
Aruba 2930 2-port Stacking Module
Price: 32,549.41
Part Number : NW_JL325A

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