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>> Loss testing Power meter / Light Source
OLS7 Triple Wavelength Laser Sources(1310/1550/1625nm)
Price: 114,000.00
Part Number : OLS7-3
CSS1-Multi-mode Contractor Series Dual LED Source
Price: 29,336.00
Part Number : CSS1-MM
OLS7-FTTH Triple Wavelength Laser Sources(1310/1490/1550nm)
Price: 114,000.00
Part Number : OLS7-FTTH
OLS1-Dual LED Light Source with Wave ID, MM 850/1300nm
Price: 48,668.00
Part Number : OLS1-Dual
OLS2-Dual Laser Source with Wave ID SM 1310/1550nm
Price: 65,336.00
Part Number : OLS2-Dual
OLS4 Quad Output Light Source with Wave ID(MM/SM)
Price: 87,736.00
Part Number : OLS4
CSS1-Single-mode Contractor Series Dual Laser Source
Price: 46,668.00
Part Number : CSS1-SM

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