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Aruba 10G SFP+ LC SR 300m MMF XCVR
Price: 45,621.18
Part Number : NW_J9150D
Aruba 10G SFP+ LC LR 10km SMF XCVR
Price: 110,980.00
Part Number : NW_J9151D
HPE X130 10G SFP+ LC SR Transceiver
Price: 48,365.88
Part Number : NW_JD092B
Aruba 1G SFP LC SX 500m MMF XCVR
Price: 12,680.00
Part Number : NW_J4858D
Aruba 1G SFP LC LX 500m MMF XCVR
Price: 24,705.88
Part Number : NW_J4859D
HPE X120 1G SFP LC SX Transceiver
Price: 13,463.53
Part Number : NW_JD118B
HPE X120 1G SFP LC LX Transceiver
Price: 28,627.06
Part Number : NW_JD119B
HPE X130 10G SFP+ LC LR Transceiver
Price: 117,516.47
Part Number : NW_JD094B

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