Tube&Label Printer(Brother)

PT-E850TKWLI (Brother) Tube&Label Printer

Test & Inspection

AFL FlexScan OTDR Product Demonstration
Integrated Fiber Optic Solution - eABF, Poli-MOD, 70S, M310
AFL Splicers and Flex Scan OTDR : Vendor Showcase
Fujikura Splicer 70S
WDM900 Lightwave Test Set for CWDM and DWDM Access Networks
FOCIS WiFi Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System
Can Your OTDR...? The M Series OTDRs with TruEvent™ Technology can.
One Click Cleaner Mini-100
M210 Multifunction Micro OTDR (NOYES)
One-Click Cleaner - How to clean fiber optic connectors.

Fiber Optic Cable

Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable Solution
AFL SkyWrap®
Enterprise Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber optic training
Flex angle & Mini Boot for Patch cord fiber optic cable
All Fiber optic cable TISI Standard (รวมโครงสร้างสายใยแก้วนำแสง)

Optical Connectivity Apparatus

Poli-MOD Patch and Splice Module
How to Clean Fusion Splicer
AFL Fast SC Angle Polished Connector Termination Instructions
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