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Flexscan FS200-100 [Basic Kit], 1310/1550nm OTDR
Price: 173,340.00
Part Number : FS200-100-BAS-PO-WO
Flexscan FS200-304 [Basic Kit], 1310/1550nm/BT/Dark/Live test
Price: 275,340.00
Part Number : FS200-304-Basic-P0-W1
Flexscan FS200-303 [Plus Kit], 1310/1550/1625nm/BT/OLS/OPM/Dark/Live test
Price: 271,340.00
Part Number : FS200-303-PLUS-P1-W1
Flexscan FS200-100 [Basic Kit], 1310/1550nm/OLS/OPM/BT/WiFi
Price: 193,340.00
Part Number : FS200-100-BAS-P1-W1
Flexscan FS200-60 [BAS], 1650nm(Live fiber test)
Price: 187,340.00
Part Number : FS200-60-BAS-P0-W0
Flexscan FS200-304 [Basic Kit], 1310/1550/1650nm/OLS/OPM/BT/WiFi/Dark/Live test
Price: 292,668.00
Part Number : FS200-304-Basic-P1-W1

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