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Closure Splice Fiber Optic 12 Core-Inline
Price: 1,936.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL12P64
Closure Splice Fiber Optic 120 Core-Inline(Max192C)
Price: 6,000.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL120C384
120 Core Inline closure for fusion splice fiber optic cable
Price: 4,736.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL120
Compact Closure 4 Core inline small for Drop wire
Price: 666.67
Part Number : B1-CLDR04
12 Core Compact Closure for FTTH
Price: 880.00
Part Number : B1-CLFM12
24 Core Clamp Snap Closure Fiber optic
Price: 2,533.33
Part Number : B1-OPCL24PLC8
12 Core Mini Closure for FTTX Clamp type with 1xadapter
Price: 733.33
Part Number : B1-OPCFTTX121C
24 Core Closure inline for FTTX Clamp style with 2xSC adapter
Price: 1,936.00
Part Number : B1-OPCFTTX124SC
24 Core Closure inline for FTTX Clamp style with 2xSC adapter(Full)
Price: 2,800.00
Part Number : B1-OPCFTTX124SC-F
Closure fiber optic 48 Core Inline Clamp type
Price: 2,600.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL48CMP
48 Core Closure Inline Fiber optic cable(Max:96 C)
Price: 2,068.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL48P96
12 Core Closure inline Fiber optic support 1x8 PLC-Splitter
Price: 2,068.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL12C18CMP
48 Core Fiber closure inline IP68 grade
Price: 3,336.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL4868
12 Core Fiber optic Closure inline Mini
Price: 600.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL12SMP
12 Core Closure Fiber optic Mini (21x20x4.5cm)
Price: 600.00
Part Number : B1-OPCL12SMPT

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