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>> Optical Transceivers
Mini-GBIC 155M SFP MM 850nm 550M LC
Price: 472.00
Part Number : BSFP-MM15585
Mini-GBIC 155M SFP SM 1310nm 2KM LC
Price: 500.00
Part Number : BSFP-MM15582
Mini-GBIC 155M SFP 1310nm 20KM LC
Price: 516.00
Part Number : BSFP-SM155132
Mini-GBIC 155M SFP 1310nm 40KM LC
Price: 640.00
Part Number : BSFP-SM155134
Mini-GBIC 155M SFP 1550nm 80KM LC
Price: 748.00
Part Number : BSFP-SM155158
Mini-GBIC 155M BiDi SFP TX1310/RX1550nm 3KM LC (pair)
Price: 1,200.00
Part Number : BSFP-SM155BIDI3

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