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Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-MPIII-2Y/ 3000VA/2700W/ Tower type
Price: 18,000.00
Part Number : ZC-MPIII-2Y_3000VA/2700W
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-RTIII/ 3000VA/2700W/ Rack & Tower type
Price: 23,900.00
Part Number : ZC-RTIII-2Y_3000VA/2700W
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-MP 3:1p/ 10kVA/9kW/ Tower type
Price: 146,700.00
Part Number : ZC-MP-2Y_10kVA/9kW-3PHS
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-MPII/ 1000VA/900W/ Tower type
Price: 9,450.00
Part Number : ZC-MPIII-2Y_1000VA/900W
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-MPIII/ 2000VA/1800W/ Tower type
Price: 17,300.00
Part Number : ZC-MPIII-2Y_2000VA/1800W
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-RTII/ 1000VA/900W/ Rack & Tower type
Price: 11,100.00
Part Number : ZC-RTIII-2Y_1000VA/900W
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-RTIII/ 1500VA/1350W/ Rack & Tower type
Price: 12,300.00
Part Number : ZC-RTIII-2Y_1500VA/1350W
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-MP 1:1p/ 6kVA/5.4kW/ Tower type
Price: 72,250.00
Part Number : ZC-MP-2Y_6kVA/5.4kW
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-MP 1:1p/ 10kVA/9kW/ Tower type
Price: 77,800.00
Part Number : ZC-MP-2Y_10kVA/9kW
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-RTII/ 6kVA/5.4kW/ Rack & Tower type
Price: 0.00
Part Number : ZC-RTIII-2Y_6kVA/5.4kW
Zircon ZC-MP 10kVA/9KW : 3:1 Phase True Online UPS
Price: 116,700.00
Part Number : ZC-MP 10kVA/9kW
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-MP 3:1p/ 15kVA/13.5kW/ Tower type
Price: 193,400.00
Part Number : ZC-MP_15kVA/13.5kW
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-MP 3:1p/ 20kVA/18kW/ Tower type
Price: 216,700.00
Part Number : ZC-MP_20kVA/18kW
Zircon-EMPOW Zir-D-Series 1200VA/720W
Price: 3,150.00
Part Number : ZIR_D_SERIES_1200VA/720W
Zircon-EMPOW ZIRCON-Zir-D-Series 2000VA/1200W
Price: 5,450.00
Part Number : ZIR_D_SERIES_2000VA/1200W
Zircon EMPOW Drone 800VA/480W
Price: 0.00
Part Number : DRONE_800VA/480W
ZIircon - EMPOW Drone 1000VA/500W
Price: 0.00
Part Number : DRONE_1000VA/500W
Zircon True Online UPS :ZC-RTIII/ 2000VA1800W/ Rack & Tower type
Price: 22,230.00
Part Number : ZC-RTIII-2Y_2000VA1800W

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