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120 Core Inline closure for fusion splice fiber optic cable

Part number : B1-OPCL120

Brand : BISMON

120 core Inline closure for fusion splice fiber optic cable, May be used for cut, uncut and taut sheath applications. May be used for all fiber optic cable. Sheath retention & central strength member faster system included. Ribbed closure construction and lightweight plastic provides strength and resistance to chemical and U.V attack. Installation and reentry with a minimum of tools, Re-enterable and reusable. All hardware are included. Applications for : Ducts mounting, Aerial, Wall mounting.

Specifications: - Size(LxWxH) : 493x238x140mm - Storage capacity: 120 Core, Max: 144 Core (6x24 splice) - cable ports: Max: 6 ports ( 2 ports : 23mm, 2 ports:20mm, 2 ports 16mm) - Splice tray max 6 pcs (24 core/splice tray)

Price : 4,736.00 Baht

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