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24 Core Outdoor Duct armoured Multi-loose tube SM 9/125um(G.652.D)

Part number : BMAD24SM9

Brand : BISMON

24 Core Outdoor Duct armoured Multi-loose tube corrugate steel armor which provides extra crush-resistance and rodent protection.Outdoor armor designed for lashed aerial, duct, underground conduit environments, direct buried supported applications LAN Networks, Data communication, telecommunication, CCTV, network IP Camera and eta., Approved (TISI) มอก. 2165-2548

Products Characteristics: - 6 Core fiber optic cable - Fiber optic type: Single-mode 9/125um (G.652.D) - Multi-loose tube filling compound : Thyrotrophic jelly compound - Loose tube material : PBT (Natural or white color) - Central strength member: FRP - Water blocking elements material: Water swellable yarn and water blocking tape - Ripcord material : Aramid yarn - Armoring material: Corrugated steel tape coated with polymer on both sides - Outer sheath : HDPE color black

Price : 0.00 Baht

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