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3 Paris 24 AWG Multipairs Foiled and Copper braid Shield

Part number : CMBI2403P


Product Description Description Standard: CM AWG: 24 Conductor Stranded (No/mm): 7/0.20 No. of Pairs: 3 Insulation Thickness (mm): 0.35 Nominal OD. (mm): 7.3 Jacket Material: PVC Nominal Pairs Cap.pF/m: 48 * Balanced circuited signal RS-485, RS-422 or RS-232C

ข้อกำหนด คุณลักษณะของสินค้า (Specification): Low capacitance, twisted pairs with individual foiled shield overall foiled and tinned copper braid shield 100 Ohms +/-20% Impedance UL type CM CSA PCC 75°C, 300 Volt Conductor: Stranded concentric tinned copper Insulation: Polyethylene Shield: Individual foil overall Aluminium polyester Foil and tinned copper braid shield with 7 strands tinned copper drain wire Jacket: PVC grey color Application:This cable also called low capacitance cables and application almost for Balanced Circuited Signal* data transmission between data communication equipment and data terminal equipment. Due to very low capacitance these cables can extended distance with balanced pairs application.

Price : 0.00 Baht

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