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4 Pair 22AWG Multipairs Low Capacitance Cables

Part number : IEDC642204P


Product Description UL 2919 Extended Distance Data Cable NEC Type: NEC CL12 CSA Type No.: PCC FT1 Description: 2919 UL/AWM: IIA AWG: 22 Conductor Stranded ( (7/0.254) No of Cond.: 4P Insulation: Thick (mm.): 0.25 Nom. (mm.): 1.3 Jacket: Thick (mm.): 1.00 Nom. (mm.): 8.2 Nominal Capacitance A (pf/ft) : 16 Nominal Capacitance B (pf/m.): 52.5

ข้อกำหนด คุณลักษณะของสินค้า (Specification): This IEDC ...cables sometimes was called Extended Distance Data Cables gives you that extra transmission of balance circuit like RS232, RS422 or RS485 as longer distance compare with normal cables. Its twisted pairs and double shield construction ensures that no interference in your extended data transmission distance. Conductor: Tinned stranded copper Insulation: Polyethelene Shield: Aluminium polyester Foil Drain Wire: 7 strands tinned copper Jacket: PVC ivory color

Price : 0.00 Baht

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