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6 Core Drop wire fiber optic cable MM 50/125um(OM2)

Part number : BMDW06MM5

Brand : BISMON

In the Drop wire or small figure 8 cable, this cable consist of the loose tube with single mode or multi mode fibers and steel wire as the messenger wire (Galvanized steel wire), which are formed like “Figure 8”. After aramid yarn and E-Glass yarn is applied over the inner sheath support strength member, the cable is completed with a LSZH outer sheath.

- 6 Core Optical Fiber optic cable - Multi-mode 50/125um (OM2) - Loose tube Filling compound : Thyrotrophic jelly compond - Loose tube material : PBT ( Natural or White color) - Loose tube diameter : 3.0mm - Water blocking elements : Water swellable Yarn - Ripcord: Polyester cord or plastic thread color red - Steel messenger : Galvanized Steel wire Dai:1.6mm - Sheath material: LSZH color black

Price : 0.00 Baht

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