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AC Power Distribution 6 Universal Outlet

Part number : BMR-6606

Brand : BISMON

AC Power Distribution 6 Universal Outlet

AC Power Distribution Specification ?Made from electro-galvanized sheet steel for enhanced strength with Rustproof. ?Load current rate 15A 220VAC, 1 , 50Hz. Prevent short circuit, over current By electronic circuit breaker or Miniature circuit breaker (Option) and Line Suppression. Withstanding surge current 10 KA. Champing voltage 775 V. ?ON-OFF Status show by ON-OFF switch with indicator light. ?Equipped with grounding system. ?Provided cable 2.5mm2(14 AWG) 3C, 3 m. with plug with ground type. ?Receptacle (Outlet) is duplex universal type (L, N, G) ?Available in various size 6, 8, 12 and 20 Outlets strip (6 Outlets strip with a standard Length of 19" rack can install on front horizontal of a Rack). ?Steel outlets strip design for use with P POWER C rack and general rack. ?Cable is UL E150631, Plug is UL E147650 standard. ?Strong and safety design for cable holding. ?Manufacturing standard ISO 9001: 2000 Company.

Price : 1,160.00 Baht

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