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Cletop-S Connector Cleaner Type B (1.25mm) ตัวทำความสะอาดหัว Fiber Connector

Part number : F1-14110601

Brand : Tools Fiber and Consumables

Easy to replace tape cartridge The tape can be replaced very easily by a "drop-in" cartridge. One push operation Available for both left hand and right handed operators. Anti-static propeties Has excellent anti-static properties for static sensitive applications and can avoid reattchment dust to the ferrule after cleaning and it can avoid reattachment of dust after cleaning.

**Specification of CLETOP - S** --Use for ferrule size 1.25mm ( MU, LC, MT, MPO, MT-RJ without pins, Biconic) Cleans per cartridge more than 400 times.--DimensionW x H x D ( 125 x85 x 35 mm)

Price : 8,240.00 Baht

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