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Closure Splice Fiber Optic 12-72 Core-Inline-small size

Part number : B1-OPCL12P64

Brand : BISMON

Closure Splice Fiber Optic 12-72 Core-Outdoor-Inline ?General : Bismon is an arc, horizontal type. Innovative insert plates and fixing bolts are used to fix and seal FOSC, and its installation is quite simple. The integrated seal fitting is installed between FOSC housing and insert plates. Sealing is achieved by using 4 pieces of innovative insert plates and bolts.

Feature: ?The plastic parts are made of high strengh engineering plastic therefore effectively prevent products from aging caused by coldness, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation. ?The strong housing provide fire resistant, waterproof and quake-proof while protecting splices during pulling, torsioning and impacting. ? It ensures long-term reliability and usage. ? Suitable for bunchy and ribbon fiber. ? SLIDE-N-LOCK tray. ? Innovative elastic integrated seal fitting. ? Easy to re-enter, it never requires re-entry tool kits. ? The closure is spacious enough for winding and storing fibers . ?Operating temperature: -40? to +65? . ? Sealing performance at normal temperature: Internal pressure:70 KPa, without decrease in 72 hours . ?Dimension (LxWxH) mm : 400mm x 185mm x 90mm

Price : 2,536.00 Baht

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