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1 Core, FTTH Fiber optic Round cable SM 9/125um (G.657A2)

Part number : BMFFT01SM9

Brand : BISMON

Price : 8.00 Baht
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BISMON produces the FTTH round drop fiber optic cable self-support, which is able to fiber into homes. There are two different types of optical fiber cable, Single-mode (G.652.D, G.655, G.657A1-A2) and Multi-mode 50/125um (OM2,OM3,OM4). The cable is designed for indoor and outdoor use, while utilizing the aramid yarn to support a tensile strength member. The outer sheath material is made from LSZH (Low smoke zero halogen), which is flexible and safe in case of fire. The strand of the cable can support a max. span of 80M, has the diameter of 1.2mm(7x0.4mm), and is Zinc coated. The cable has been approved by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute under TISI 2166-2548



 • Adopted for indoor and outdoor areial self-supporting installation

 • Long-distance communication, local trunk line, CATV & computer networks system, Telecom or outside plant campus backbone applications

 • Ethernet LAN Network, CCTV, Network Camera, PLC

 • Mechanically, rugged, cable design suitable for : Aerial

 • Tight buffer Round cable for FTTH


Product Construction

Fiber :

            • 1-4 Core fibers (Single-mode)

            • Tight Buffer cable

            • Color-coding : Blue/Orange(2), Blue(1)

Strength Member :

            • Aramid yarn

Outer Jacket :

            • Black UV-and LSZH material

            • Made to order cable marking (Thai word)

Messenger Wire :

            • Steel strand wire 1.2mm(7x0.4mm) (Zinc coated)

Max Tensile :

            • Max tensile load: (short term) 800N (IEC 60794-1-2)

Installation conditions :

            • Max. pole span length: 80 m

TISI Certificate :

            • TISI 2166-2548


FTTH Fiber optic round cable or drop wire small side and detail : - 1 Core Single-mode 9/125um (G.657A2) - Fiber style round cable - Strength member Aramid yarn - Strand wire(Zinc coated): Steel messenger wire 7x0.4mm - Tight buffer fiber:dia: 0.9mm - Sheath jacket: LSZH material thickess 1.0mm - Cable dimension: (widthxheight): 6.5x3.5mm

Product Review

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