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12 Core Outdoor Fiber Figure-8, Singlemode, G652D

Part number : Y-1859403-4


Price : 47.50 Baht

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AMP NETCONNECT Figure 8 Aerial Self Support cables are designed suitably for Outdoor campus-type UV/harsh outdoor environment protection, Ducted or Underground Conduit service for long runs between building short, medium span aerial installations.
Specification:. The optical fiber cable comprise of [6,12,24,36,48 up to 144] fibers. The cables are of [5,6,8,12] elements construction and are detailed in performance table, Loose tubes are manufactured from high strength, low shrinkage PBT compound, and each tube will contain [6 or 12] optical fiber and a thixotropic jelly, to prevent water penetration and protect the fibers against shock. Fiber color sequence is complied with TIA-598, Jacket HDPE, Central strength member( FRP), water blocking tape

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