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250um and 900um Sumitomo Fiber Stripper

Part number : B1-JR-25

Brand : Tools Fiber and Consumables

Price : 9,056.00 Baht
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The JR-25 single fiber stripping tool can be used to remove primary coating from 250µm or 400µm coated fibers, or to remove both the primary and secondary coating from 900µm coated fibers.


Guides either side of the blade help ensure the fibers do not contact the blade during stripping, thus maintaining the long-term strength of the fiber after splicing.



 • Compact and Lightweight for Easy Handling

 • Field Replaceable Blades

 • Proper Removal Technique Protects Fiber Integrity

 • Built-in Scale Reduces Fiber Waste

 • Can be Used for Fiber Coatings of 250 and 900µm



 • Dimensions 25W x 86D x 28H (mm)

 • Weight 40g

 • Acceptable Coating Diameter 250 to 900µm

 • Acceptable Cladding Diameter 125µm

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