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27U Outdoor Cabinet Rack 19inch (60x50cm)

Part number : B1-WM27U-OUT5

Brand : BISMON

19" 27U Outdoor Cabinet Rack deep 50cm, compatible 19inch for all equipment.EG steel Thick 1.5mm for stand outdoor type, Use for Equipment active device 19" standard. The Cabinet compliant with IP55 (Dust and water protection) or IP65 (Option) standard. One door lockable and dust, made from "CNC" Foam Gaskets" style high quality grade for waterproof and dust

- 19" Standard Rack - 27U High Cabinet Rack - Deep: 50 cm - Standard front 2 pole 19inch Rack (Option: add 2 pole back side) - Double folded gutter at door frame to increase rigidity and prevents water from entering while door is opened. - All screw or nut made of stainless steel - Hang on Electric Squre Pole in Thailand - Stand type for cabinet - Made from color outdoor type epoxy polyester coating - Cable Grand lock cable EG/PG29 - Support FAN 2x4" 2 point TOP & Bottom rack - The front door is waterproof, humidity and dustproof sealing made from "CNC foam Gaskets", good adhesion to coated surfaces, UL 50. - Can support hinges provide 130 deg. door opening service - Material made from (EG) Electro Galvanized Steel thick 1.5mm - Dimension: 1343mmx600x500mm) HxWxD

Price : 38,668.00 Baht

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