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4 Channel Video Forward Reverse Data Transmitter

Part number : B1-S4V1D3-TF

Brand : BISMON

Price : 2,334.00 Baht
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Our Standard video transmitter/Audio/data transceiver and video receiver/Audio/data transceiver series utilizes uncompressed digital encoding and decoding for high-quality video transmission. These environmentally hardened units provide transmission of one independent video channel, 1 audio channel and 1 bi-directional data channel over one single-mode or multimode optical fiber and are ideal for use in unconditioned roadside or out-of-plant installations. The product is widely used in the field of CCTV, video surveillance, national defense, ITS and etc.
Feature (ตัวแปลงสัญญาณภาพของสายใยแก้วนำแสง สำหรับระบบ CCTV)
 • Supports point-to-point connection
 • Unpressed and undistorted digital broadcasting transmission
 • Free from intermodulation interference from optical transceivers for simulated frequency, phase, and amplitude modulations
 • Supports any high-resolution video signals
 • Supports video nondestructive regenerated relay
 • Auto compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM video systems
 • Supports video, data, Ethernet, telephone voice parallel transmission
 • KM optical transmission technology, large in capacity and easy for upgrade
 • Transmission in monomode and multimode fiber, at a distance of 0 – 100KM
 • Special ASIC design and high-speed DSP technology
 • Advanced auto-negotiation technology, no need for adjustment during use
 • Full SMT technology
 • Industry standard design, with high reliability
 • Wall hanging type, 1U rack type, 4U card type
 • High Quality Video Conference
 • CCTV with remote control for PTZ
 • Interference resistant where data path through
 • Public Security Surveillance
 • Long distance video and data transmission
 • Industrial process monitoring
 • Traffic transportation monitoring

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4 Channel Video Forward Reverse Data Receiver
Price : 2,334.00 Baht


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