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6 Core Outdoor Direct Buried Double Jacket armoured SM G.652.D

Part number : BMADB06SM9

Brand : BISMON

6 Core Outdoor Direct Buried Double Jacket armored Single-mode 9/125um (G.652.D), The cables are ideal for installations that require a rugged armored fiber cable to be buried directly in the ground or for installation in conduit where rodents are still able to get inside. The corrugated steel tape has excellent water blocking abilities, providing a protective barrier between the fiber cable and the elements surrounding it. With an operating temperature range of between -10?C and 70?C, you can be sure that the armored direct burial fiber cable will be well protected in harsh conditions.

Products Characteristics - 6 Core Fiber optic cable - Optical fiber cable: Single-mode 9/125um (G.652.D) - Loose tube filling compound: Thyrotrophic jelly compond - Loose tube material: PBT (Natural or white color) - Central strength member : FRP - Water blocking elements: Water swellable yarn and water blocking tape - Ripcords : Polyester cords or Plastic thread, color red - Armoring : Corrugated steel tape coated with polymer on both sides - inner sheath : MDPE color black - inner armoring moisture barrier: Aluminum tape - Water blocking elements material: Water Swellable yarn - 2 Ripcords material: Aramid yarn - Outer sheath material: HDPE, color black

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