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9/125um Single-Mode Zipcord Duplex Yellow Jacket OD:3.0mm

Part number : BZPSM9

Brand : BISMON

Price : 11.00 Baht
(Dealer price can log-in/ Exclude Vat)

Duplex/Simplex Zipcord Fiber Optic Cable

 • BISMON duplex zip cord cables are designed for indoor used of signal ,video and data communications.

 • BISMON cables are known for easy connection and handling and can be easily installed in tray,conduit, duct and other various applications.Optical fibers available in these cables can be provided upon request

 • BISMON designs,produces and quarantees its cable to withstand a wide range temperatures and / or very high tensile loads without harmful effects on the optical or mechanical.



Single mode ( 9/125 )

 • Yellow Jacket OD:3.0mm

Multimode ( 50/125,OM3 )

 • Aqua Jacket OD:3.0mm

Multimode ( 62.5/125 )

 • Orange Jacket OD:3.0mm



 • Easier medium to use as patch cords

 • Light weight for installation in trays,

 • Light weight for installation in trays,

 • Light weight for installation in trays,

 • Flexible

 • Easy to handle



 • Pigtails, Patch cords

 • Data Processing

 • Data Processing

 • Factory Automation

 • Aircraft, Marine Systems

 • Inter Office

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