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LC Pigtail Fiber simplex 1.5M,OM3,XG(10GB)(0.9mm)XG Multi-mode

Part number : 5MLCPP0159-OM3

Brand : Bismon: Fiber Pigtail

Price : 60.00 Baht
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LC Pigtail Fiber simplex 1.5M, OM3, XG (10GB) (0.9mm) XG Multi-mode



 • PC, UPC Polishing

 • High return loss, Low insertion loss

 • High reliability, High temperature stability

 • Compliant with Telecordia GR-326-Core, TIA/EIA and IEC

 • Insert draw connection (simple, easy)

 • Comply to IEC standard

 • Multi-mode attenuation (dB)/km: 3.5@850nm/1.5@1310nm

 • Bandwidth OFL(MHz-km): 500@850/500@1310nm


Fiber Type:                              Multi-Mode 50/125um (OM3) conforms to ITU-T G651

Insertion loss(dB):                   ≤0.25

Temperature(C):                     -40~+80

Repeatability(dB):                   ≤0.1

Durability:                               ≥ 1,000 Matings

Return loss(dB):                      PC≥45, UPC≥50, APC≥65

Cable diameter(mm):             Ø3.0, Ø2.0, Ø0.9

Tensile Strength(N):                ≥90N(OD:3.0), ≥ 70N (OD:2.0mm)

Bend radius min.:                    20mm @OD:0.9mm, 23mm @OD:2.0mm, 25.3mm@OD:3.0mm

Cable design:                           PVC Jacket or LSZH (Low smoke zero halogen) material, Aqua color

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