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Lan Pro Navigator Test Set (RJ45&BNC)

Part number : PA-1543

Brand : Paladin Tools (USA)

Price : 17,333.33 Baht
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The LAN ProNavigator is ideal for technicians on the go. This multi-function unit provides one-button, simple testing (PASS/FAIL or fault find) in one second, CAT 5 or CAT 6 (UTP/STP) testing and quick fault analysis on coax and data cables.


  • One-button, simple testing (PASS/FAIL or fault find) to detect: good connections, opens, crossed wires & split pairs
  • Traces wires with tone & remote lights
  • Quick fault analysis
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Low battery test
  • Auto-off to preserve battery
  • Lanyard holes embedded in case to attach to wrist or belt


  • Combination UTP/STP & coaxial cable tester for patch cords or installed cable runs
  • Simple PASS/FAIL test results in one second - quickly move on the next test site
  • Test status lights at both ends (main unit & remote)
  • Generates oscillating audio tone for use with tone probes to locate cables
  • Includes 9V battery & belt clips
Compact and lightweight, the LAN ProNavigator tests data and telephone cables up to 320 feet for proper pairing for EIA/TIA-568A, EIA/TIA-568B, Token Ring, 10BASE-T and common CAT 5 configurations. It tests common BNC connected 50- and 75-? coaxial cables up to 320 feet for continuity. Unshielded UTP and shielded STP data cable as well as cable types RG58, RG59, RG6, Belden 8281, RGB, RG11 and more also can be tested. Provides an oscillating audio tone generation for use with tone probes to locate cables. Uses standard 9-volt dc battery with auto-off function to preserve battery life. The entire unit weighs 11 ounces. Main unit measures 3.45" x 1.4" x 4", and the remote is 3.4" x 1.6" x .92". One-year warranty. Made in USA

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