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Multifiber IRL Meter

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Multifiber IRL Meter

Dimension Multifiber IRL meter uses a high stability laser source and a high precision optical power meter for mandrel-free return loss testing and high-speed insertion loss testing. The single-wavelength loss test time is less than 0.5s, and the minimum loss detection can be achieved -75dB. Includes 6 testing wavelengths for single mode and multiple mode (multiple mode :850nm, 1300nm, single mode :1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm).The optimized integrating sphere can measure the loss of a dense multi-core MTP/MPO connector as well as the loss of a duplex-LC device. RLM fast and accurate measurement function make it an ideal tool for improving production efficiency and quality control.


Main Features

• Platform + module design, multi-application and scalable

• RL mandrel-free test, dual wavelength test speed less than 1s

• RL minimum detectable down to -75dB(single mode)

• Minimum measuring fiber length 0.7m

• Minimum detection power of optical power meter -70dBm (Not using the integral sphere)

• Rich interchangeable, high reliability detector adapter

• Support network, USB connection etc control methods

• Auto save test data + report, support remote control function



• Fiber patchcord and connector performance test

• Other optical passive device performance test


Platform + module design, high scalability

Dimension's 11-slot OMEGA universal optical test platform provides a whole set optical test solution, which is compatible with a wide range of functional test modules such as IRL test module. With hot swappable, programmable, and scalable, easy to maintain & manage, with low overall cost.

Users can integrate and expand different functional modules in following-up, such as optical switches, stable light sources, POA testers, BER testers, and high-speed optical power meters, to achieve one-stop test for optical devices and other products’ various performances.


RL mandrel-free test, dual wavelength test speed less than 12s(MPO12)

Based on the principle of optical time domain reflection(OTDR) detection, the return loss test is realized without winding. The integrated design test module can realize insertion loss and return loss testing simultaneously. Using high speed sampling circuit and algorithm optimization, the speed of dual wavelength test is less than 12s(MPO12)


RL minimum detectable down to -75dB(single mode), Minimum measuring fiber length 0.7 m

Using the dimension self-developed high-sensitivity detection circuit and the optimized software algorithm, RL can achieve the detection of -75dB(single mode), which can meet the detection requirements of high-performance single mode patchcord (SM/APC).


Rich interchangeable, high reliability detector adapter

To meet the needs of customers, dimension has developed a series of interchangeable, high reliability detector adapter, that are flexible and convenient to use. Optimized integrating sphere, compatible with MPO/ duplex LC adapters, no need to repeatedly plug and plug in one test.



Software UI concise and clear, easy and useful

Based on years of customer feedback, the deeply optimized software UI is concise and clear, easy and useful. Users can customize the test report, can automatically save, upload test data and report to the server.


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