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OTDR Test Cable 50/125um Multi-mode 150M ST/ST Connector

Part number : FR1-M5-150-X1-X2

Brand : Noyes

Price : 11,933.33 Baht
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OTDR Test Cable 50/125um Multi-mode 150M ST/ST Connector

To measure the insertion loss of the near-end and/or far-end connector of a fiber optic link, an OTDR requires a launch and/or receive test cable, which essentially are test jumbers that can range from about 150m to over 1km in length. Because very long test jumber are impractical to transport and use, Noyes offers coiled lengths of 50um multi-mode, 62.5um multi-mode, or single-mode fiber, packaged in compact rings, for use as OTDR test cables.

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