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Power Meter&Light Source MM & SM Test Kit

Part number : CKSM-2

Brand : AFL

Price : 80,668.00 Baht
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Delivery time : 30 Day

Minimum order quantity : 1 set

Warranty : 5 Year

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Contractor Series Light Sources and Power Meters


-CSM1-3 for Optical Power Meter 850/1300/1310/1550nm

-CSS1-MM for Optical Light Source Multi-mode 850/1300nm

-CSS1-SM for Optical Light Source Single-mode 1310/1550nm


 •  Palm-sized rugged, dependable tools

 •  5-Year Product Warranty

 •  3-Year Calibration

 •  Large sunlight-readable display


 •  Link loss measurements

 •  Certify SM & MM links to industry standards

 •  Continuity check and fiber identification prior to fusion splicing


Contractor Series Light Sources and Power Meters

Quality tools designed for loss measurements over single-mode and multimode networks.  Small palm-sized units are ideal for field use.  Sized to carry and built tough to endure the rigours

of outside plan work enviroments. 


CSM1 Power Meter

 •  CSM1-4 (Filtered InGaAs) High Power (+26 dB) for CATV or DWDM system applications

 •  CSM1-3 (InGaAs) for standard single-mode networks



CSS1 Dual Wavelength Single-Port Light Sources

 •  CSS1-MM: 850/1300 nm multimode Light source

 •  CSS1-SM: 1310/1550 nm single-mode Laser source 


Contractor Series Test Kits

CSM1 Power Meters with CSS1 Light Sources shipped in a convient carry case with room for test cords, cleaning supplies, and other accessories.  Kits for all applications: single-mode

(CKS), multimode (CKM), and mixed (CKSM).



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