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SLIDE SHELVE 80cm. depth

Part number : BMRS-6680

Brand : BISMON

Price : 1,776.00 Baht
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SLIDE SHELVE 80cm. depth



•  Made from electro-galvanized 1.5mm. Sheet steel for enhanced strength with rust-proof.

•  Electrostatic plated ensuring 100% dust-proof.

•  Constructed as a fix shelve and slide shelve.

•  Can be fitted to 19" standard rack. (Close rack, Open rack and Wall mount rack)

•  Load test ensuring maximum at 100 kg. (Fix shelve) and 75 Kg. (Slide shelve).The shelve and rack are not effected by weight.

•  Designed for securing nuts at all 4 corners for strength in supporting equipment.

•  Manufacturing standard ISO 9001: 2000 Company.

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