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(SMC) 288 Core Cabinet Outdoor fiber optic

Part number : B1-18-C-288(SMC)

Brand : BISMON

Price : 33,336.00 Baht
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B1 -18-C-288(SMC) serial outdoor cabinet can be applied in active link with trunk optical cables and cable distribution, accomplishing fusion, storage, distribution, and dispatch for the cables..(G.W:100KG)


• Standard case body, made of high intensity,anti-corrosive,anti-aging special composite material(SMC-Glass steel),with protection reaching IP65 grade.

• Adapting various bad weather conditions,with reliable sealing,water-proof and dampproof.

• Splicing&distribution integration module with adaptor assembly,fusion, and connection, storage in integration, inserted assembling

• Available for a different type of adaptors such as FC, SC,ST

• Adaptors assembling with deflexion of 30o to ensure fiber pigtail bending radius, with perfect control winding ring of the fiber in horizontal and vertical

• The bottom end is assembled with spare splice tray, for direct fusion and connection of trunk optical cables and distribution cables


•  Working temperature -40C to +40C

•  Storage temperature -40C to +60C

•  Relative humidity ≤95% to +40C

•  Atmospheric pressure 70Kpa to 106Kpa

•  Fiber 288 core

•  Dimension:1500X730X330mm

•  Weight: 100KG/set.(without adaptor & pigtail) 

Standard case body, made of high intensity, anti-corrosive, anti-aging special composite material (SMC-Glass steel), with protection reaching IP65 grade. Adapting various bad weather condition, with reliable sealing, water-proof and dampproof. - working temperature: -40 C to +40 C. -Storage temperature: -40 C to +60 C - Relative humidity : <95% (+40C) - Atmospheric pressure : 70Kpa- 106Kpa. - Dimension: 1500x730x330mm. - Weight: 100KG/set.(without adaptor & pigtail)

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