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ST-ST Patch Cord Duplex 3 Meters Multi-Mode 50/125um

Part number : 5MSTSTPD030

Brand : Bismon: Fiber Patch Cord

ST-ST Duplex 3 meters 50/125um,MM

FEATURES -Optical testing follow ITU, IEU and EIA/TIA-FOTP spec -Optical testing follow Telcordia GR-326-CORE -Meet UL, OFNR & OFNP flame retardant rating -Lowest losses at interconnections -High reliability and stability -High return loss and low insertion Loss APPLICATIONS -Optical test equipment -Interconnection between distribution center and O-E equipment -Long span optical communication system -Local area network -High speed transmission system -Telecom, date, voice and image applications -CATV

Price : 240.00 Baht

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