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TRM 3.0 Advanced Software (Basic TRM plus Advanced Features & Reports) (for FS200 and FS300)

Part number : TRM3-ADVANCED

Brand : AFL

Price : 22,000.00 Baht
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TRM® 2.0 / 3.0 - Test Results Manager PC Analysis and Reporting

TRM Test Results Manager (TRM® 2.0/3.0) is Windows®-compatible PC software providing an all-in-one analysis, viewer and reporting tool designed for use with AFL fiber optic test

and inspection products. TRM is available in Basic and Advanced versions.



 • Comprehensive OTDR, OLTS, Inspection Reporting Capability

 • OTDR Trace Viewer

 • Report Wizard

 • Supports Telcordia (GR-196 v1.1, SR-4731 issue 1 & 2) .SOR file formats


 • Analyze OTDR traces with Bi-directional and Macrobend/Microbend detection

 • Certify fiber results to Industry Standards

 • Document Networks

 • Batch edit OTDR test results


Basic Features

 • Generate professional acceptance reports

     - OTDR traces

     - Certification loss results/OPM loss results

     - Connector end-face images from FOCIS Flex, FOCIS WiFi PRO and DFS1

     - Connector pass/fail results from FOCIS Flex

 • Create certification results and apply Pass/Fail criteria

 • Organize test results and document networks to reduce maintenance cost

 • Powerful OTDR Batch editing to increase productivity

 • Supports Telcordia (GR-196 v1.1, SR-4731 issue 1 & 2) .SOR file formats

 • Languages Supported

     - English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese,

     - Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish & Turkish


Advanced Features

 •  Macrobend/Microbend Analysis

     - Identify excess insertion loss due to poor installation and fiber handling

     - Detect insertion loss difference between wavelengths (≥0.2 dB)

 • Bi-directional Trace Analysis

     - Averages end-to-end and event loss measurements using results from both directions.

     - Bidirectional trace information in the Event table

     - Reverse direction test data for each event

 • Comprehensive Reports for Macrobend/Microbend and Bi-directional Trace Analysis

 • Export .SOR file contents to .CSV file format


Ordering Information

TRM 2.0 Basic Software is included with and supports AFL M-series and FlexTester OTDRs and OPM5 Power Meter. Additional copies and/or upgrade to TRM 2.0 Advanced are available for purchase.

TRM 3.0 Basic Software is included with and supports AFL FlexScan (FS200 and FS300) OTDRs and FOCIS family connector inspection probes. Additional copies and/or upgrade to TRM 3.0 Advanced are available for purchase.


TRM 2.0 and TRM 3.0 trial software may be downloaded here.

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