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Universal Paladin Slitter 0.18" to 1.40" diameter

Part number : PA1822

Brand : Tools Fiber and Consumables

Price : 2,256.00 Baht
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The Universal Paladin Cable Slitter enables you to slit and strip round cables with a diameter of 0.18" to 1.40". This cable slitting tool is designed for power and telecommunication cables 500-1200 MCM. With its adjustable depth of cut, this cable slitter enables you to quickly remove insulation without nicking conductors.


This cable slitter provides precision stripping and slitting of rubber, PVC, nylon and most insulation materials. This cable slitter performs circumferential, longitudinal and spiral cuts, which makes this a perfect tool for mid-point access.


The cable slitting tool supports the cable during use and its stainless-steel blade makes quick work of the slitting and stripping process. You can use the edged of the cable support arm to pry off thick insulation.


Also see our other fiber optic tools and supplies for fiber optic splicing and termination. These include fiber optic cleavers, fusion splicers and mechanical splices. Cable preparation supplies include fiber optic stripping tools, alcohol wipes, Kim Wipes, icky pic removers, solvents, and more.



 • Adjustable cutting depth

 • Laser-trimmed, stainless steel blades

 • For mid-point taps.

 • Cable support arm, stainless steel blade.

 • Slit & strip round cables with .18" - 1.0" (4.5 - 25.4 mm) diameter.

 • Strip power, telecommunication & multi-media bundled cables.

 • Blade rotation knob changes slitting direction for circular, spiral or longitudinal slits.

 • Does not work on XLP, polyethylene & polypropylene. Not recommended for Teflon.

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