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Ventilating Fan 2X4" With Plate (Heavy Duty)

Part number : BMR-6602

Brand : BISMON

Price : 1,320.00 Baht
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Ventilating Fan 2X4" With Plate (Heavy Duty)



•  Rated Voltage 220/240 VAC 50/60 HZ or 48 VDC.

•  Heavy-duty design and heavy duty operating.

•  Rated Speed 2550 RPM.

•  Air Flow 2.3 m3/min.

•  Operating Temperature +25 to +72 Deg.C

•  Low noise

•  Provided cable 1.5 m. with plug.

•  Can be install on top and bottom and side panel of a Rack for ventilation.

•  Various models for 1-unit to 6-unit (1x4", 2x4", 3x4").

•  Impellers have a diameter of 4 inches. Body frame is made from aluminum And Guard is made from chromium steel.

•  Safety UL/CSA Approvals

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