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12 Core Figure-8 Self-support Armour Double Jacket SM G.652.D

Part number : BMFGMAA12SM9

Brand : BISMON

12 Core Figure-8 Self-support fiber optic armoured Double jacket, PE inner sheath, corrugated steel tape with PE outer sheath, SM 9/125um(G.652.D), Fiber optic cable are positioned in the multi-loose tubes, while the loose tubes strand together around non-metallic (FRP) strength member into a compact and circular cable core and the water-blocking material. Designed for Aerial cable. Approved (TISI) มอก.2166-2548

Products Characteristics: - 12 Core Fiber optic cable - Single-mode 9/125um (G.652.D) - Corrugate steel tape Armoured, inner sheath PE double jacket - Steel messenger material: Galvanized stranded steel wire 1.32mmx7 pcs. - Central strength member: FRP dia. 1.6mm - Multi loose tube filling compound : Thyrotrophic jelly compound - Loose tube material : PBT (Natural or White color) - Water blocking material : Water swellable yarn and Water blocking tape - 2 Ripcord material: Aramid yarn - Inner sheath : MDPE (Color black) - Outer Sheath material : HDPE (Color black)

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