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48 Core Figure-8 Self-support Armour Double Jacket SM G.652.D

Part number : BMFGMAA48SM9

Brand : BISMON

Price : 56.00 Baht
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BISMON’s Figure 8 Armour Double Jacket cables are self-supporting cable designed for aerial installation. The optical fiber cable design provides easy and economical one-step installation and stable performance over a wide temperature range and is compatible with any telecommunication optical fiber cable. The cable inside loose tube filled with a water-resistant filling compound or design for water blocked with water blocking material in side cable. The cable protect animal by corrugated steel armoured around the cable core save cost mainternance or use for long term some applications. The cable approved by TISI 2166-2548 in Thailand standard. Standard packing(wooden) 4,000M/Reel.



 • Adopted to outdoor areial self-supporting installation

 • Long-distance communication, local trunk line, CATV & computer networks system, Telecom or outside plant campus backbone applications

 • Ethernet LAN Network, CCTV, Network Camera, PLC

 • Mechanically, rugged, cable design suitable for : Aerial


Product Construction

Fiber :

            • 4-60 Core fibers (Single-mode or Multi-mode)

            • Loose tube gel-filled

            • Color-coding per TIA/EIA 598-A

Central Strength Member :

            • FRP rod (Fibre Reinforcement Plastic) Option: Steel wire rod

Ripcords :

            • 2 ripcords made from aramid yarn

Armor :

            • Corrugated coated steel tape

Outer Jacket :

            • Black UV-and HDPE

            • Made to order cable marking (Thai word)

Inner Jacket :

            • MDPE, Color : black

Messenger Wire :

            • 1.32mm x 7 Galvanized stranded steel wire

Max Tensile :

            • Max.tensile load: (short term) 5000N

TISI Certificate :

            • TISI 2166-2548

48 Core Figure-8 Self-support fiber optic armoured Double jacket, PE inner sheath, corrugated steel tape with PE outer sheath, SM 9/125um(G.652.D), Fiber optic cable are positioned in the multi-loose tubes, while the loose tubes strand together around non-metallic (FRP) strength member into a compact and circular cable core and the water-blocking material. Designed for Aerial cable. Approved (TISI) มอก.2166-2548

Products Characteristics: - 48 Core Fiber optic cable - Single-mode 9/125um (G.652.D) - Corrugate steel tape Armoured, inner sheath PE double jacket - Steel messenger material: Galvanized stranded steel wire 1.32mmx7 pcs. - Central strength member: FRP dia. 1.6mm - Multi loose tube filling compound : Thyrotrophic jelly compound - Loose tube material : PBT (Natural or White color) - Water blocking material : Water swellable yarn and Water blocking tape - 2 Ripcord material: Aramid yarn - Inner sheath : MDPE (Color black) - Outer Sheath material : HDPE (Color black)

Product Review

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