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19" Wall Rack 6U Outdoor Fiber optic (50cm)

Part number : B1-WM6U-OUT5

Brand : BISMON

Price : 11,336.00 Baht
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19" Wall Rack 6U Outdoor Cabinet (D:50cm) can support ODF and optical distribution frame, FTTH services to the customers request. The high quality protection weather-proof outdoor cabinet rack

style. can compliant with IP55, IP65 standard.



Brand                                                  Bismon

Model                                                 B1-WM6U-OUT5

Equipment Type                                Wall rack outdoor

Size                                                      409 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm (High x Width x Depth)

Standard                                            IP55 standard

Color                                                   Light Grey

Material                                              (EG)-Electro Galvanised Steel 

Application                                        The cabinet can support fiber distribution fiber optic, CCTV, IP Camera, Optical Amplifiers, broadband equipment

Features                                              • 19 inch support for rack style standard, 6U High

                                                              • One door lockable by key and safe sealing and protection of equipment against water humidity and dust, made from “ CNC Foam Gaskets” style, not rubber style

                                                              • Double folded gutter at door frame to increase rigidity and prevents water from enter

                                                              • All screw or nut made of stainless steel

                                                              • Can support rack mount 1U or 3U patch panel fiber optic max capacity: 6U

                                                              • Can support cable entry 5 port and 2 cable grands EG/PG29

                                                              • Can support cable management inside easy for use cable tie lock

                                                              • Can support FAN 2x4inch for air flow, 2 point (Top & Bottom Rack) Max:4 pcs

                                                              • Complete set tools for hang on pole and support 4 hole for wall type

                                                              • Can support hinges provide 130 deg. door opening

                                                              • Support grounding at door, side cover and cabinet frame            

                                                              • Surface finished cabinet with epoxy-polyester coating

Option (Made to order)                    Material : SPCC Steel sheet 2.0mm , hot-dipped galvanized for all wall rack cabinet, Stainless, Aluminum 


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