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48 Core ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) Fiber optic SM 9/125um (G.652.D)

Part number : BMADSS48SM9

Brand : BISMON

ADSS cable (All Dielectric Self-Supporting) Non-metallic Single jacket structure cable. Designed for Aerial Cable outside plant and duct applications in local and campus network or telecom loop architectures and security solution(CCTV, Network IP).

Products Characteristics -48 Core Fiber optic cable -Optical fiber single-mode 9/125um are in complicance with ITU-T Rec.G.652.D -ADSS single jacket, Dry core loose tube(Multi loose tube). - Loose tube filling compound : Thyrotrophic jelly compound - Central strength member : FRP - Strength member cable: Aramid yarn - Water blocking elements: Water swellable yarn and water blocking tape - Ripcord material: Polyester cords or plastic thread color red - Outer Sheath : HDPE color black (High density polyethylene)

Price : 185.00 Baht

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