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B1-M79 Fiber Cleaver Automatic back Spring for 5G-FTTH

Part number : B1-M79

Brand : BISMON

Price : 6,668.00 Baht
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Delivery time : 2 Day

Minimum order quantity : 1 Set

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BISMON’s Fiber Cleaver model: B1-M79 is high precision optical fiber cleaver is used for precision cutting single-core fiber tool, it not only applies to 5G Cable, 2.1mm, 1.6mm, 250um coated fiber, but also apply to 900um coated fiber. Cutting angle is smaller and more precise, easy to operate, do not need special skill, with a sliding block automatic spring back function, optional fiber collector, convenient installation and Optical Bin for safety.



• The average cleaver angle: 0.5 degrees

• Cleaver length: 5-20mm

• Blade life: 48,000 fiber core (1000 fiber core x16 blade end face x 3 blade height)

• Optical fiber cladding diameter: 125um

• Coated outer diameter: 5G cable, 2.1mm, 1.6mm, 250um, 900um

• Size: 73Wx 78Dx 65H (no including bin)

• Weight: 380g

• Blade model: RB-325

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