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Ferrule Mate Cleaner for 2.5mm Ferrules ST/SC/FC (350 Cleans)

Part number : SFM-250

Brand : BISMON

Price : 5,720.00 Baht
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The Ferrule Mate cleans recessed fiber optic adapters as well as individual connectors. With the push of a button, the tool forwards and rotates the cleaning cloth. Cloth provides approximately 350 swipes, with a cost as low as 18 cents per cleaning. Use the SFM-250 for SC, FC, and ST. Use the SFM-125 for LC and MU.



 • Ferrule Mate Cleaner for 2.5mm connectors and adapters

 • Use with SC, FC and ST

 • Polyester static-free cloth for optimal cleaning

 • 350 swipes per cleaner (1 swipe per cleaning)

 • Cleaning tip adjustable to 45 degrees for angled adaptors

 • Spring-loaded tip for controlled cleaning pressure

 • For PC and APC type ferrules

 • Ideal for cleaning transceiver ports


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