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  • Fusion Splice Fiber optic 17 Core + Test OTDR

    Fusion Splice

    Fusion Splice Fiber optic 17 Core + Test OTDR

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  • Test OTDR Fiber optic cable MM/SM (job)

    Test OTDR

    Test OTDR Fiber optic cable MM/SM (job)

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  • The Bismon Catalogue
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  • Mini-Fusion Splicer Core Alignment 6 Motor Technology

    Brand : TUMTEC

    - Mini Fusion Splicer
    - 6 Motor Core to Core alignment
    - Auto splice mode manifest user-friendly design
    - V-Groove cladding alignment, high quality and low loss.
    - Dust-proof, water-proof, high temperature resistance, adapting to various altitude and formidable natural conditions.
    - 4.3 inch high resolution color LCD touch screen, 500X magnification, visible clearly with bare eyes.
    -Packed with detachable 6800mAh battery, more than 340 times of splicing and heating, high power LED white light simplifies your work at night.

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